Saturday, July 31, 2004

Say What?

Wow. I got a letter from the town I live in today.
All the houses in town have been re-assessed over the last 6 months or so, and they finally shared the assessed value with me - just in time for my biannual tax bill. I am surprised, yet not surprised.
I have to wonder how they truly arrived at said value without doing any more than walking around the outside of the house when I wasn't even home (footprints in the snow gave them away). Seems a bit odd.

The end result - the town's gonna get a lot more tax money out of me. And I still don't have trash pickup. Hmmmm.

Friday, July 30, 2004

It's No Wonder

OK, here's a perfect example.

Today, I'm at Walmart, and while waiting in line to buy a paperback, I'm looking at a nearly empty magazine rack. You know the type of magazines they stock in the checkout lines - some full of tabloid smutz and others chock full of Hollywood-American-Pop-Culture yakitty-yak...

Anyway... there are only 2 magazines in the whole display; one of each of the genre described above. The thing that struck me was this: Both of them had the same 2 stories as headlines, which in itself isn't that unusual, but they were just so ironically juxtaposed.

Dig this... both magazines were trumpeting the Olsen girl's (Mary Kate, I think, but don't quote me) release from the hospital after her bout with an eating disorder. The other "big" story (no pun intended) was about how much weight Kirsty Alley has put on.
Now, I ask you, do we really have to wonder why Mary Kate Olsen has an eating disorder???

I mentioned this to the cashier when my turn at the register came up. She totally didn't get it.

Welcome to my World

Well. I've finally done it.

After setting up a couple of these for other people, I decided that it was time to have one of my own. It's really because I have far too many things I just feel I *HAVE* to talk about.
Sometimes, these things just pop into my head. Now, instead of just wondrin' alone, I can share, and you can wonder with me... or perhaps, suggest an answer to whatever the burning question of the moment is.

Regardless... and I do mean "regardless," I absolutely REFUSE to use the pseudo-word, "irregardless" unless I am making a joke about it... I present the following for whatever purpose may be served by it. If it makes you smile, leads you to ponder the imponderables of life, or just causes you to go, "huh??," then my work here is done.

Until the next opinionated moment, I thank you.