Friday, July 30, 2004

It's No Wonder

OK, here's a perfect example.

Today, I'm at Walmart, and while waiting in line to buy a paperback, I'm looking at a nearly empty magazine rack. You know the type of magazines they stock in the checkout lines - some full of tabloid smutz and others chock full of Hollywood-American-Pop-Culture yakitty-yak...

Anyway... there are only 2 magazines in the whole display; one of each of the genre described above. The thing that struck me was this: Both of them had the same 2 stories as headlines, which in itself isn't that unusual, but they were just so ironically juxtaposed.

Dig this... both magazines were trumpeting the Olsen girl's (Mary Kate, I think, but don't quote me) release from the hospital after her bout with an eating disorder. The other "big" story (no pun intended) was about how much weight Kirsty Alley has put on.
Now, I ask you, do we really have to wonder why Mary Kate Olsen has an eating disorder???

I mentioned this to the cashier when my turn at the register came up. She totally didn't get it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

In my somewhat (thankfully) linited experience with Wally-World checkers, I have never met one who had a cummulative IQ greater than that of a small bar of soap, or a squashed apricot. These folks are not their mother's brightest child (one would hope). After all, Wally World isn't know for employing Mensa members, just a bunch of poor shmucks who are desperate enough to take jobs wherein they work 16 hour shifts, with no benefits, for minimum wage. I'm sure that the subtle differences between anorexia (Mary Kate wasn't actually anorexic, she was a cokehead) and eat-yourself-into-unconsciousness are lost on almost all Wally World employees.

Sun Aug 01, 04:30:00 PM GMT-5  

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