Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Will the Real Show Number 055...Please...Stand...Up!

OK...I think I've pulled my head out and gotten it right this time!

I know, I know...I posted "Show Number 55" a few days back, but it just wasn't all it could be. I've gone in again; made it faster, stronger, and 5 minutes longer!
We take a trip around the globe and back in time. At least, it feels like back in time. New tunes with a comfortable old feel.

Ahhhh, brings back memories. Here's the lineup:

A big Thank You to all the bands - visit them and support them!

I also want to post a huge HELLO to Ron F. and Lisa W. So great to be back in touch. And Ron... if Vera had her way, prisoners wouldn't be allowed to Podcast.

Take care, and I'll catch ya on the flipside!

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