Sunday, March 18, 2007

On The Move...The Podcast Files, Anyway...

Well, seems as though the "New Blogger" has a limit on how many podcasts it will forward along to Feedburner. This simply will not do.

Since I already had an account with, it only seemed natural that I go ahead and move all the files over, including the entire archive. I am in the process of doing that now, so I apologize if you all of the sudden are getting a bunch of old files showing up in your podcatcher. Then again, perhaps you missed some old shows and this will give you an opportunity to go back and find some new bands and tunes featured on Opinionated Ramblings.

Anyway, the primary feed won't change, and I'm going to keep the blogger site active. I will just link to the Podshow address so you can go find the file if you need to. Commentary, videos, and other stuff will still be posted here, including shownotes from each episode.

Please stay subscribed, and feel free to send some comments and feedback. And Thanks!


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