Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Oh - That Smell!

I think we need a new office-etiquitte law.

There is really nothing worse than some insensitive clown who insists on heating up some revolting leftovers in the office microwave, releasing a foul, overpowering odor that is left hovering all through everyone's cubicle for hours and hours.
Nothing can compare with sauteed onions, garlic, or perhaps some kind of 3-day old seafood forming a green cloud over your terminal, making your eyes water and your stomach churn.
And the worst part is...they actually ate that rubbish!!

Breath mints, anyone??

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Promotion to Your Utmost Level of Incompetence Stands

Yes, I watched it last night. And I noticed something most interesting.
No, it wasn't what they had to say - I live in a "swing state" (albeit one without too many electoral votes) so we are innundated with more ads than anyone should have to see in a collective lifetime which means that we've heard the majority of it already...but, I digress...
What interested me the most was watching him. I usually don't if I have any say at all in the matter. What was so darned fascinating was that you could actually see him trying to think.
There was that blank stare with the forced attempt to do his best to convince everyone that he was concentrating on what was being said. Looked more to me like he was trying to comprehend, not contemplate. It was that hard, confused look coupled with that tweaky way his eyebrows raise in the middle of his forehead and slope down on the outside ends.
Then, VIOLA!, he would remember the briefings. "Ahhhh, yes...I've got it now...that's how I'm supposed to answer."
This would be followed by the long, drawn out pauses before uttering a single real word ("uh," "ummm," and "ah.." don't actually count as real words). On the surface, this was for dramatic intent. Reality suggests that it is an attempt to put the right words together in the right order. And don't forget pronunciation! That's really got to drive his wife nuts. All this coupled with the occasional stabs at "regular joe" condescending humor left me cold and unimpressed.
In the end, I found it much like watching a 5-year old viewing a documentary on statistical methods then telling me about a Barney episode afterward.
Intriguing. Guess I'll cruise over to factcheck.org and see what they have to say.