Sunday, July 02, 2006

Show Number 36 - Another Retro-80s Cast

Note: parts of this podcast may not be considered worksafe!
Happy 4th of July weekend to Everyone!
Carmella Crispy Treat joins me again today for another Retro-80s 'Cast. Thanks to Dan Klass for not busting my chops for doing something similar to his Old Wave Radio podcast. We can't help what we like! :)
In addition to some great music, we chat a little about Reality TV shows, the fact that commercial radio sucks, and offer up both congratulations and a little challenge to the guys over at the Little Fatty Cast. We're hopeless procrastinators... are you??

Here's the music lineup for this 80s-Style Show:
"Complicated Girl" by American Anthem
"Radiation" by The Epoxies
"Far Away From Near" by Minus Vince
"Saying Sorry Sucks" by Atomsplit
"Sofaking" by Little Yellow Perfect

Thanks for joining us, and thanks for subscribing. Please feel free to comment on the blog or better yet, review us on iTunes or Podcast Alley if you'd like. You can send us "gmail" at "opinionatedramblings" All music for today's show provided by the Podsafe Music Network. They freakin' Rock!
Thanks a lot, enjoy your weekend (what's left, anyway), and we'll catch you next time!
~Ceejay & Carmella


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