Monday, May 15, 2006

O.R. Mini Report - Make it Stop Raining!!

Howdy O.R. Listeners,
Just a quick message regarding the soggy state of things up this way. Heavy and consistent rains have caused a lot of issues here in the New England area. The picture above is the little dam that holds back the river here in my town. Apparently, it's the newest and strongest along the route that the river takes. If this one goes, there will be big problems further downriver, and it's likely the others will fail, flooding out thousands of people.
We are thankful that we have been spared much of the damage that many of our neighbors have experienced, nonetheless, we are scrambling around trying to keep the water at a manageable level. Luckily, we still have power to keep the pumps going. Hope that doesn't change!
Rivers are cresting higher than they have since 1938, dams are being monitored for potential breach or breakage, and more than 600 roads have reported damage, with over 250 closed in sections because they are impassable. And there's no end in sight for the rain, which keeps on coming. Frankly, it just don't look good.
If you are interested in checking out what's going on, you can see video and reports at either WMUR (NH news) or WMTW (ME news - our close neighbors).
Thanks again for subscribing, and please do a sun dance for us here... we need it badly!


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