Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Show Number 32

It's a rainy Tuesday, and I think some rockin' music will brighten the day. Welcome to Show Number 32, today brought to you by Ralph's House of Tone in Dover, NH. It's a great little music store. Pop by and say Hi!
I'd also like to wish Carmella Crispy Treat a very happy birthday! Hope it was a great one!
OK, here's the lineup for the show:

"Come on Brother, Come on Sister" by The Bulldogs
"Kick the Can" by Poundcake
"Alive" by COMEG
*Podcast Promo: The Hot Fossils & Rebel Matters Show
"Mainline" by Atomsplit
"The Fire's Light" by The Bulldogs

Thanks to the artists and the Podsafe Music Network. Please stop by and support these folks!


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