Sunday, June 25, 2006

Podshow Number 35

Vacation is over, and the rain is back. Ahh, well - what are you gonna do? How 'bout Podcasting? Sounds like a plan.
Great music today including a cut from the new Kathy Valentine solo project! How cool is that? Did you know she is a bitchin' hot lead guitarist?? Now you do!
Check down the site a little for a banner link to her album, "Light Years" (its on the right side). Please support Kathy and the other artists you hear on the show. I also do a little shameless self-promotion for my own band, Don't Harass Betty in celebration of our appearance in the iTunes catalog. Please check us out!

Enough chatter, here is the songlist:

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Until next time...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Scott from Hotspur here- thanks for spinning our tune! let us know how your listeners like it and definitely check out some of our other tunes and let me know what you think. we have a full length scheduled for release this summer!

-Scott & Hotspur

Sun Jun 25, 02:30:00 PM GMT-5  

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