Saturday, August 05, 2006

Show Number 39 - Junior Mints #2

Hello, and Happy Saturday!
This is gonna be a quick show, just 2 tunes (but they both rock, don't you worry about that!!) and coming in at just under 10 minutes. Betcha didn't know I could talk this fast!
I'm trying out some different software today that is "time-limited," hence the short show, so shoot me a line and let me know how it sounds. If y'all think it works, I'll pony up the dough for a full working version.

Here is today's short but kickass playlist:
"Free Ride (in a Cop Car)" by The Clintons
"Unhappily Ever After" by American Heartbreak

Thanks go out to The Podsafe Music Network, The Clintons, and American Heartbreak. Please support these and other indie bands.

Until next time! Cheers!


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