Saturday, July 29, 2006

Podshow Number 38 - Homage to the Sun

Happy Summer! Hope you're beating the heat wherever you are.
Me...I'm just happy to see the sun (how's that for a segue?)... And it's "The Sun" that today's show is all about.
We've got a whopping 7 songs for Podshow #38, so grab your Hawaiian Tropic and let's hit the beach!

"Sun" by The Velmas
"Brand New Sunglasses" by The Jellybricks
"Sunshine Between" by Fred
"Flattened by the Sun" by The Negatones
Podcast Promo: The Best of the Worst Podcast by Jammin' Dave Jackson (also the host of the Musician's Cooler podcast)
"Big Bad Sun" by Chris Juergensen
"Sundown" by Josh Woodward
"See the Sun" by Black Lab

Whoo, I've got sand in my shorts and I think the parking meter just ran out...time to head home.
Stop by the Podsafe Music Network for more great music. I'll catch ya later!


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