Sunday, February 20, 2005

Toys in the Attic??

Well. What an undertaking!
I have recently made the jump from dial-up to broadband. Finally. After 7 years with the same ISP. As exciting as this is, I have created quite a task for myself. Do you have any idea how many on-line accounts you can rack up in 7 years; all of which need to be changed? I had no idea just how much junk was "stored in my attic." Shopping sites, forums, business accounts, casual interest sites, hobbies, blah, blah, blah. It's mind-boggling.
The major ones were easy enough. I even remembered the "from time to time" sites. But, of course, I know that there will be many I will miss entirely. Some of those I probably won't even miss that I missed. I guess that's OK.
It won't take long before I've collected a whole new slew of accounts.
Ahhh, what can ya do? At least they all come in a whole lot faster now. :)


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