Monday, February 27, 2006

The Great Trade Debate - Ceejay & Carmella

OK - didja listen to show 25? Remember Carmella outing Ceejay on the great guitar trade debate? Well, I promised to post pictures and get your comments, so here they are.
But you need some background... Carmella says, "I sure love that Bigsby Tele..." so Ceejay says, "I'll trade it to you for the Blue Tele..." Carmella starts twistin' and says, "" Hence, the debate, 'cause she wants the Bigsby and I want the Plus. Trade makes sense, no? Let's face it, who has cash anymore?
Both are great guitars, one vintage and rare, one recent and rare.
Whaddya think? To trade or not to trade?

Post your comments. :)


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