Monday, February 06, 2006

Podshow Number 23 - The Mobilecast

The "mobile-cast." A decided degradation in microphone audio quality, but the music sounds great so all is well in O.R. land. At least we know we can "take the show on the road" if we want to.
Lots of good stuff today - some acoustic-comedy, singer-songwriter folk with a conscience, killer chick-rock, and hoppy-pop with an edge.
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Now, here's the important stuff:

"Food" by Deirdre Flint (dedicated to Big Fatty at
"My Love" by Barb Carbon
"Little Secret" by Julie Gribble
"Phoebe Cates (is Dead)" by The Hoolapoppers
Podcast Promo: The Radio Memories Network - Old time radio programs and music
"Cheerleader" by Deirdre Flint

Hope you enjoy the show! Please post comments or if you'd prefer, send me a gmail (ceejay1964) with your ideas and feedback (put "Opinionated Ramblings" in the subject line).

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